Who We Are – History, Mission, Vision & Values

Hawaii Learning Resource is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization founded in 1998 as North Hawaii Women and Children’s Services.  The first project of the organization was the Kahua Project, a school based life skills curriculum provided in North Hawaii public and private schools to reduce teen pregnancy. The project touched more than 2,000 students in eight North Hawaii schools and merged with the Hamakua Health Center’s Clinical Family Planning Program in 2003.

At this point, North Hawaii Women and Children’s Services elected to focus on an earlier stage in the prevention continuum.  This focus was selected based on research which shows that one of the most powerful predictors of adult academic success is fourth grade reading levels, and because of personal experiences of board members who saw that getting the right help at the right time for their child had the power to turn their life around.

Launched in 2003, Hawaii Learning Resource, provides resources to empower all kinds of learners through partnerships that bring advances in teaching and learning to our community. 

The problem Hawaii Learning Resource seeks to address is that too many capable Hawaii students struggle, become disengaged in learning, and too often fall through the cracks in our current education system.  These students often lose interest and motivation by middle school, struggle to keep up academically, and many drop out of school.  Students with learning differences are even more likely to struggle in school and to become disengaged in school, making engagement in learning especially important for diverse learners.

Hawaii Learning Resource seeks to increase student success through early identification and effective support of students who struggle in school, their families, and their teachers.  Increasing success in school will increase the opportunity for these students to acquire the skills to make positive life decisions and to be successful in life.

Fortunately, many advances in education research, including advances through the All Kinds of Minds Institute (www.allkindsofminds.org), provide effective models to help struggling students.  Hawaii Learning Resource’s programs focus on increasing success for struggling diverse learners through: Summer Academic Enrichment Camp, Teacher Professional Development, and Community Education Workshops.

Our Mission

To empower all kinds of learners through partnerships that bring advances in teaching and learning to our community.

Our Vision

We envision a community which embraces and empowers all learners to thrive in school and in life.

Our Values

  • We value the unique strengths and abilities of all kinds of learners.
  • We value families and educators who believe in and support all learners.
  • We value the opportunity to transform students’ lives through effective teaching and learning.
  • We value our partners who are committed to and invest in better educational opportunities for all learners.